Steamboat Springs may be viewed as a remote mountain town, but within our town are a variety of neighborhoods, each with attributes that make them enticing. When looking at the various neighborhoods there will be things you want to consider, such as which areas are close to your personal interests such as skiing, family-friendly activities and schools, bus route, fishing, remote areas, or close to nightlife.

The details page for each neighborhood will give you a clearer idea of its context within Steamboat or within Routt County.

Within town limits, you will find the Downtown, Mountain Village, Fish Creek, Sanctuary, and Old Town neighborhoods

Strawberry Park is located north of downtown heading towards the Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  There is a remote feel when you are only ten to fifteen minute from the town center.

River Road, often referred to as Brooklyn, sits on the south east side of the Yampa River and is a quaint community within itself.

West Steamboat and Elk River are located west and north of Steamboat on the outskirts of town and heading north into territory that reaches up towards Wyoming.

If you’ve ever flown into Steamboat, you’ll be familiar with Hayden as that’s where the planes land. The town of Hayden can be found just a few minutes up the road from the airport, to the west of Steamboat.

To the south of Steamboat are South Routt Valley, Stagecoach and Oak Creek.

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Neighborhoods of Steamboat:

Mountain Village                                                               Downtown

Fish Creek                                                                        River Road

The Sanctuary                                                                  Old Town

Elk River                                                                           Strawberry Park

West Steamboat                                                               Hayden       
Oak Creek                                                                        Stagecoach

South Routt Valley